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4 week old Pug puppy


* Your Name
* E-Mail Address
* Telephone Number
* Where are you Located?
* Are you enquiring regarding ....?
A rescued Pug
Fostering a Pug
* What is the name of the Pug you are interested in?
* Are you married, permanent relationship or single?
Long Term Relationship
* Do you have children
Yes No
* If Yes, what are their ages (Check all that apply)
  Baby or expecting
1 - 3
3 - 5
5 - 8
8 - 12
* Do you have any other pets? How many and what type?
* I currently reside in?
A House
A Unit/Flat
A Home with acreage

* I currently am...?
The home owner.
Renting (Have permission for a dog.)
Renting (Will need permission)
* Do you have a fenced yard? (Please explain as best you can!)
* Where will your Pug live?
Dog run
* When your Pug is home alone how will it be confined?
A Crate
Loose in House
Loose in Yard
In a dog run
* How long will your Pug be left alone regularly?
(Please explain as best you can!)
* Have you ever had a Pug Before?
Own one now
Once owned one
Babysat one & fell in love with the breed
Friend has one
Family member(s) has one
Never owned one but have always liked them
* What are you looking for?
Both (Pair)
* I am looking for ...
puppy - 8 weeks to 3 months  
puppy - 3 months to 6 months
juvenile - older than 6 months
adult - dog
Any age
* When do you want to get a Pug?
Looking now
In 1-2 months
In 3-6 months
Just inquiring
* What type of activities would you like to do with your Pug? (check all that apply)
Family Pet, Companion,
Obedience and/or Performance Events,
Therapy Dog,
Anything else you would like me to know about you?
* indicates response required

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